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I am delighted to announce I have been asked to be brand ambassador to one of my favourite brands Mane n’Tail for the second time!

I am excited to share all my info and tips with you all on this fab product in the coming months, starting with this little article I did with

Read a more in depth version here:

What is the best way to prep hair before styling to ensure a smooth blow dry?

Tori: A good base for your blowdry is key to ensure a smooth finish. Start off with mane n tail herbal essentials shampoo and conditioner. Towel dry any excess moisture off the hair and spray mane n tail hair strengthener through the mid lengths and ends.

Blowdry using a round barrel brush and finish with a paddle brush to tame flyaways.

How important is it to find and use the right brush for blow drying your hair?

Tori: Every hair type is different and so the range of hair brushes is vast and sometimes daunting. Using the wrong tools will ultimately give you the wrong result.

Synthetic bristle brushes work on all hair types and are great for combatting flyaway or static hair.

This is my all time favourite brush as it has nylon bristles that can distribute the natural oils through your hair for serious shine Ghd oval dressing brush

If you want a blowdry with volume or root lift use a round brush. If it’s a curly blowdry you’re after these Pro blo brushes are the bomb!!!

Any tricks for getting better volume at the roots?

Tori: Be careful not to use a heavy shampoo on your roots as it will weigh your hair down mane n tail clarifying is perfect as it removes excess build up. Never put conditioner on your roots! I love to use rollers for 10-20 mins either Velcro or heated.

Heated rollers work best on my flat straight hair type.

What finishing products will smooth ends and not weigh down the hair?

Tori: I usually leave out conditioner altogether if I want volume or bounce in my ends.

I wash my hair and just use mane n tail detangler.

What would you use to keep a style going all day for a special occasion in Summer ?

Tori: I like to use hairspray for this but as it’s summer it would have to be a light brushable one like L’Oréal Elnett.

Is there a way to protect against colour fade during the warmer months?

Tori: The sun can really cause havoc with colour, whether your home or abroad the uv rays are still there. Protect your tones by using a specific anti-fade shampoo and conditioner. I recommend mane n tail colour protect shampoo and conditioner as your summer hair care regime. It is proven to hold your colour for 6-8 weeks.

-Tori xx

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