Ireland AM debs Makeover

Debs season is truly upon us. It’s one of the few times in our lives where glitz and glam are essential and what better way to get that than a day of pampering from Ireland AM’s GLAM SQUAD!


We were gifted with a stunner named Julia and we enjoyed every minute of it…. here are the videos:

Julia’s mom Julie contacted the show looking for a little treat day for her daughter to show her just how special and beautiful she is 😢 We all fell in love with her when we saw her pics. I called Julie and got a rundown of her hair woes. She had always had long hair but recently got a ‘trim’ that turned out to be about 5inches, she was horrified and has hated her hair ever since! Although her hair is still very long she felt it was short and lacked volume. I had to agree with this, it wouldn’t hold a curl, not even a wave and all she wanted for her debs was long flowing locks.


This is where we had to talk…….Hairtalk! I recently trained in Hairtalk after speaking to hair product genius Katie Jane Goldin about them. Katie Jane brought us originally Great Lengths, then Gold Fever, Lanai Blo and Instyler to name a few…. I trust everything she touches and after getting treated to Hairtalk myself I was sold.

So, what is Hairtalk??? Hairtalk is a new brand of hair extensions. They come on little strips containing medical grade tape at the root. The natural hair is sandwiched between 2 strips and sealed until airtight. The hair is high quality 100% human hair and is suitable for styling as you would your normal hair. I would never promote a brand without first trying it on myself, it’s the only way I know if it works. I have to know if its high maintenance, cost effective or annoying and I have to say I found the Hairtalk extensions’ comfort unparalleled. As soon as they were applied I couldn’t feel them. They felt smooth against my head and when I pulled my hair into a sleek pony there were no bumps. That’s a huge thing for me as I wear my hair up a lot.


Without going on too much about them, the best part for me is that they’re reusable. They last 8-10 weeks and when removed by a professional they can be reused upto 3 times, this works great for me as having 3 very small kids and very little time I find it great knowing that if I have an event coming up or a trip away I can get them in and take them out after 6 weeks if I want without damaging them or my hair.

Needless to say when Julia heard she was getting extensions in her hair she was ecstatic. For me, when working with brides or any event hair, extensions are used 80% of the time whether they be permanent, bonded or temporary especially If you want long flowing hair that holds a wave or curl which is what Julia wanted.

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As you can see Derrick and Marietta played a blinder creating this look and we had a really great morning hanging out with Julie, Julia, Stacey and the crew!

Here’s some more images from behind the scenes…

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