Halloween Hair Horrors pt.1


This is the first in my 5 day series of tips on how to manage unruly tresses this Halloween. In association with the wonderful Mane n’ Tail….

Kylie Jenner could have solved this hair horror of faded blue hair colour by using Mane ‘n Tail colour protect shampoo and conditioner.

With so many people opting for more vibrant, richer tones this season it’s important to make sure your shampoo and conditioner will protect your colour investment. 

Mane ‘n Tail hair-care products, loved by A-list celebs, is a full range of shampoos, conditioner and strengthening, products have been developed, alongside the original formula, with luxurious ‘Colour Protect’, ‘Deep Moisturising’ and ‘Herbal Essential’ variations included, each designed for different hair types including dry, coloured, anti-dandruff, and oily formulations. The shampoo contains high lathering agents, fortified with moisturisers, to leave hair soft and ultra clean. Protein enriched conditioner helps nourish and aid growth, leaving hair lustrous and silky. Priced from just €6.95 for regular 355ml shampoo and conditioner, Mane ‘n Tail is available in pharmacies nationwide in Ireland. Hair Strengthener and the Herbal Essentials spray costs €12.95 for 178ml bottles, and the deep moisturising range is €8.95

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