Golden Globes Emily Blunt how to…

Laini Reeves, hairstylist responsible for this beautiful updo describes it as “intricately designed and textured” as is the detail on her exquisite lace Alexander McQueen gown.

Her inspiration behind the hairstyle was Joan of Arc, strong and feminine warrior.

Laini used all Frederic Fekkai products on her look but I used a combination of my favourite (and more affordable 😉) brands. Myself and Derrick Carberry went on Ireland AM, Virgin Media Television last week to recreate this hair and makeup look.

You can watch the full Ireland AM clip here or follow the steps below:

Step 1: Wash hair using Mane n Tail Gentle Clarifying Shampoo to remove any excess oils or product from the hair. Don’t condition as this may leave your hair too heavy or limp, instead apply Mane n Tail detangler spray to nourish and condition hair with no afterfeel.

Step 2: Blowdry the hair, I like using my Lanai Blo White as it dries super fast but leaves no frizz, we want this look slightly messy but not frizzy! Lanai Blo currently on sale here. While drying try twisting hair around your fingers to create more texture.

Step 3: Once hair is dry, wave the hair using the Instyler Max with 2 way rotating barrel. This gives gorgeous body and waves, we don’t want curls for this look. Instyler Max currently on sale here. Always give hair a little spritz before hand with some heat protection spray. My spray of choice is Mane n Tail Hair Strengthener.

Step 4: When the hair was dry I applied some Schwartzkopf Osis dust it all over Ena’s roots to puff it up a bit. I didn’t want a flat skinny Dutch Braid I wanted a Bulky Fat braid!

Step 5: Braid in whatever way you can manage, Emily and Ena’s were Dutch Fishbone braids, Dutch means inside out and raised from the head and Fishbone is a 2 strand braid as opposed to a regular 3 strand. Start at the temples on both sides and intertwine the 2 together at the back securing with pins.

Step 6: To secure the look I used L’Oréal infinium hairspray all over, this is just to secure the look not smooth it or tame flyaways as Laini Reeves said “these were part of the look and only added texture.”

Step 7: The Jewelled headpiece I used in the back of Ena’s hair is from Jules Bridal Jewellery and really glammed up the look, it was a perfect finishing piece.

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