Communion hairstyles step by step

Following my slot on Ireland AM last week I have received a tonne of emails from moms asking just how easy these styles are to do and how they can recreate them themselves at home.

A lot of holy communions fall on Sundays and with salons closed and the early start it’s hard to get to a salon so I’ve simplified my 2 Ireland AM hairstyles into a step by step guide for you to follow.

The girls beautiful dresses/accessories were from Elliott Chambers in dundrum for those of you who were asking.
Hair bow hairstyle on Georgia:

This style is great for naturally curly/ wavy hair.

Step 1: loosely curl the ends of the hair with a curling iron or GHD to make the curls more polished. Pin curls onto the head to cool, for extra staying power.

Step 2: take hair from above the ear back into a half up hairstyle, secure with a bobbin but don’t pull ponytail all the way through, leave a little bobble.

Step 3: split the bobble down the middle and taking one side, fan it out in a bow shape and pin in place, repeat on the other side so it matches.

Step 4: take a piece from the middle and smooth it out pulling it up over the top and down behind your elastic to become the centre of your bow.

Step 5: pin the centre in place by pinning with clips under the bobbin.

Curly updo hairstyle on Molly:

This style is great for short to medium hair.
Step 1: Curl hair in whichever way holds best. Sleeping in rollers generally holds better than applying heat but if your daughter won’t do it a curling iron and pinned curls will work (always use a heat protector on children’s hair)

Step 2: Pull all the hair back into a high ponytail. Take a thin section of hair from the ponytail taking it forward to cover the bobbin and pin in place.

Step 3: continue this process throughout the ponytail all around to create a pretty curly bun.

Step 4: smooth sides with hair gel and hairspray.

Here’s some more behind the scenes pics from our fun morning!

-Tori x

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