This is the first in my series of 5 step DIY hairstyles. I have chosen a few of my favourite style icons and simplified their hairstyles for you all to be able to manage yourselves at home in 5 simple steps.  
Today’s girl crush is new mom of two Eva Mendes- hey, if it bags us a Ryan Gosling we’re happy right?? 


Step 1: Blowdry hair sleek and part in a sweeping side parting.  

Step 2: Leaving the front section loose backcomb the top smoothing into a beehive and pin in place.

Step 3: Twist leftover hair that’s down into a French roll and leave your ends free. Pin your French roll down the twisted side to hide the pins.

Step 4: Using a DAFNI go (as it’s a smaller paddle) brush from the root and flick the ends of the front section away from the face.

Step 5: Curl loose hair at the back with a GHD and spritz with a shine enhancer and
hairspray for a soft glossy finish. 
(Images: stylebistro.com, Pinterest)

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